Discovering Practical Theology

Dillen Discovering

Das Buch ist eine Einführung in die Pastoraltheologie in einer internationalen Perspektive. Im Klappentext heißt es: „Religion takes different shapes in late-modern society. Pastoral care, church and religion are also in transition. Practical theology explores these new challenges. This book introduces the readers to the field of this discipline in dialogue with the metaphor of ,boundaries‘. Theoretical insights in practical theology and its methodology are combined with discussions about specific topics and case studies from the field of pastoral and spiritual care, with special attention for Catholic contexts.“

Annemie Dillen/Stefan Gärtner: Discovering Practical Theology. Exploring Boundaries (Louvain Theological and Pastoral Monographs Band 47)
243 Seiten
Peeters Publishers 2020
ISBN: 978-9-0429-4106-9

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